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Family holidays in Costa Brava

Water park, animation and workshops for the whole family!

▷ Family Friendly Hotels in Lloret de Mar✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Family Friendly Hotels in Lloret de Mar✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Family Friendly Hotels in Lloret de Mar✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Family Friendly Hotels in Lloret de Mar✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Family Friendly Hotels in Lloret de Mar✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]

Family Friendly Hotels in Lloret de Mar

Costa Brava is one of the most sought-after destinations for families traveling with children. It is not surprising, since there are many activities to do with the little ones in this area of the Catalan coast. Lloret de Mar is the ideal place to stay during a holiday in Costa Brava with children, it is in this town where most of the interesting plans for families are concentrated. In addition, given its huge range of accommodation, you will find a large number of family friendly hotels in Lloret de Mar. Without going any further,Evenia Hotels complex, the Evenia Olympic Resort is by far the best option to live an unforgettable family vacation in Costa Brava.

Hotels at Evenia Olympic Resort

Where living your memories


Evenia Olympic Palace

The most family-friendly hotel of the Evenia Olympic Resort complex offers very spacious rooms, particularly designed to accommodate large families.


Evenia Olympic Park

Evenia Olympic Park hotel is ideal for holidays as a couple or with friends. Rooms with a view to the water park of the Resort and almost direct access to the water slides.


Evenia Olympic Garden

Ideal for families and for romantic getaways thanks to the diversity of rooms offered. The hotel has several swimming pools, a swim-up bar and a waterslide area.


Evenia Olympic Suites

A perfect hotel for family travelers, with apartment-style rooms offering a living room and many possibilities to host large families. Some of the rooms have a small kitchen.


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Accommodation for kids in Costa Brava

For children, going on vacation is the most important thing of the year, so they look forward to those days when their parents take them to see new places and have fun on the beach. In Lloret de Mar there will be no shortage of all those activities and plans that we will propose below. However, another of the most important aspects for the little ones is the hotel where they will stay. Yes, children have a special interest and for them it is a complete novelty so they are impatient to stay in the best hotels, they will not settle for less.

In this sense, it is in Lloret de Mar where you will find the best accommodation in Costa Brava for families, Evenia Olympic Resort. Here, children will enjoy just setting foot in the magnificent hotel complex that consists of 4 large hotels. But it is when they see the water park with impressive slides (different levels for different ages), where they will see their wishes fulfilled. In addition to these water activities that they will enjoy all day, they can do games and workshops with other children in the Kids Club where the hotel entertainers will entertain them tirelessly. Food is another aspect that they will give more importance to it, especially when they discover the great variety of dishes and desserts that they will love, artisan pizza and pasta are usually the stars among the little ones, and also among adults.

Plans with children in Lloret de Mar

If you are traveling with children, you already have a date for your visit to Lloret de Mar and, of course, you are staying at the Evenia Olympic Resort, we will give you a hand so that you do not miss a plan in this fabulous destination. There are plenty of things to do with them in Lloret de Mar apart, of course, from enjoying the slides and entertainment at the Evenia Hotels complex. Write down these ideas that the little ones will love!

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