Cookies Policy

For offering you a browsing experience adapted to your needs and optimise the performance of (the “Web”), we hereby inform you that our web uses cookies. EVENIA HOTELS makes a completely responsible and non-intrusive use of cookies and, since we care about your privacy, we hereby inform you on the use we make of cookies on our site and the options you have to change the use thereof.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded and stored in the user’s computer to access certain web pages, to store and recover information on the browsing from such computer.

Why does EVENIA HOTELS use cookies?

Cookies are essential for the operation of Internet, providing advantages for the rendering of interactive services, facilitating the browsing and use of our web. Cookies allow that our Web recognises your browser and identifies that you are a specific user. Therefore, cookies are basically used to remember the options you have chosen within the Web: the browsing language, the currency used, form details, etc.... Cookies also ensure that when you visit again any web page, this page may recognise you.

Cookies of our Web

In order to obtain a user-friendly and functional web page, uses different cookies:

NOTE: This explanatory section is included in order for EVENIA to identify the data of its own cookies or third party cookies, in the sense above, as an example with some of the most representative cookies.

Our own or strictly necessary cookies


Information (*)


Information on the session identifier.

To have information of the user’s session.


Validation in the Multimedia document repository (avi, pdf, jpg, …)

To control access to visualization of multimedia documents included in product (pdf, rtf, gif, tif, avi, etc.), depending on whether they are clients or not.


Encrypted password of the user of products Wolters Kluwer.

It allows not typing the product password when accessing the product, if such option has been selected.





Third-party cookies


Information (*)




Google Analytics

Statistics of the number of visits to pages, browsing times, browser types, browsing statistics, redirections, search engines, sites referred, etc.

To collect and unify in statistic reports the traffic of each site, total audience, visits to specific pages, monitoring of clicks on certain parts of the site, etc.


Statistics for investigation of market marketing

To collect information on the type of site, activity and services offered and type, size and quality of audience.



Frequency and themes of the ads shown

Cookies stored are used to have information on the type of browser, operating system and date and time each banner is shown on the page. This allows measuring the frequency of visualization of such banners and reporting this statistical information to our advertisers.

Cookies Management

As a complementary warranty to the aforementioned information. The user may from time to time revoke the operation of the cookies of this web by configuring the browser:

The opt-out systems included in the table in respect to each cookie may imply the installation in your computer of a refusal cookie so that your election of deactivation is effective.

Third-Party Cookies on our Web

Our Web uses third party cookies to offer the user a better experience. Third party cookies used belong to online known companies of confidence engaged in advertising and marketing. Such companies need to introduce cookies to enable its services. Our service providers are committed to apply an ethical code of responsible trade and have a very high quality and privacy standards on data management. Access to and to identify the partners of EVENIA HOTELS which have stored cookies in your computer. If you don’t want that their cookies are stored in your computer, you only have to click the company you want to exclude.

Term of the Cookies of our Web

The cookies we use have a variable useful life depending on their use. The maximum useful life of some cookies is of 90 days as of the last visit to the hotel finder of the Web, unless you may decide to disable them. You can delete all cookies of the browser at any time by accessing the configuration of the browser and clicking “delete cookies”. You may also disable the performance cookies through this link.

Web beacons

Our Web uses web beacons. A web beacon is a pixel (a small image) downloaded in your computer together with the web page in HTML format. Web beacons of this Web are used as part of our online ads both on our web page and third party webs, to know if any user who sees an online add, finally makes a reservation.

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