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Evenia Monte Alba

Evenia Monte Alba is located in the picturesque town of Cerler high up in the Aragonese Pyrenees. This privileged location offers us the possibility of enjoying the magnificent natural environment as well as doing great excursions through the Benasque valley. One of the best destinations where you can enjoy the fresh air of the mountains and avoid the hot summers is here, among the mountains of the Pyrenees, a place where practice activities such as rafting, kayaking, canyoning... all kinds of water activities for fun family.

The perfect mountain hotel for a family getaway

If you want to enjoy a holiday with children in the mountains, Evenia Monte Alba is perfect. It has the best attractions for children to have a great time: playground, entertainment program, and an idyllic natural environment. In our hotel we offer a wide program of activities of all kinds that include guided specialized hiking trails or walks through the villages that make up the Benasque Valley and its great Cultural Heritage. Enjoy a pleasant summer in contact with nature in our fantastic mountain hotel.

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What's near the hotel?

  • Aramón Cerler Ski Resort: 0,5 kmm
  • Chairlift El Molino: 0,2 km
  • Chairlift Robellons: 1,6 km
  • Chairlift Rincón del Cielo: 1,7 km
  • Aneto Peak: 13,0 km
  • Reservoir Linsoles: 10,0 km
  • Restaurants: 0,5 km
  • Tarbes-Lourdes-Pirineos Airport: 80,0 km
  • Lleida - Alguarie Airport: 96,0 km

Evenia Monte Alba Rooms

Comfortable and functional rooms

Double room

Mountain ViewOutstanding

3 peopleMaximum occupancy

Comfortable rooms designed for relaxation, have different layouts to suit your needs. Most of them have a balcony or terrace from which to enjoy beautiful views of the Pyrenees. It can accommodate up to 2 adults and a child with the possibility of a cot on request.

Family room

from 33 to 48 SqMApproximate average size

4 peopleMaximum occupancy

Located on the top floor of the building, we have 4 rooms specially designed for families. Spacious and comfortable suite-type attic spaces distributed with a living-dining room, a separate bedroom and a complete bathroom.

Master Suite


8 peopleMaximum occupancy

ON REQUEST. Send your request to booking @ Discover our unique and exclusive Master Suite located on the top floor of the building with stunning views over the Benasque Valley. Its distribution consists of 3 double rooms with different capacities (up to 4 people), a suite room with private bathroom, and a spacious living room.

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All Inclusive Hotel Evenia Monte Alba

All-inclusive hotel in Cerler: Enjoy the Aragonese Pyrenees in style

To fully enjoy this destination, we suggest you do so by booking our fantastic all-inclusive package. The All Inclusive regime will allow you to fully enjoy the best hotel services, something very practical and comfortable that guarantees maximum fun and enjoyment of all the services and facilities of Evenia Monte Alba. If you are looking to enjoy a magnificent vacation in the Aragonese Pyrenees, but, at the same time, you do not want to exceed your budget, the All Inclusive plan is your solution.

Evenia Monte Alba Facilities

The best hotel in the mountains

More facilities

In addition, for the greater comfort of Evenia Monte Alba guests, the hotel offers a wide range of services that complement our offer.

What to do in Benasque Valley in summer

Activities you can do near Evenia Monte Alba

What to do in the Benasque Valley in summer

BTT Puro Pirineo

If you are a lover of cycle touring, you will love all the mountain bike routes that the area around the hotel has to offer, certified by BTT Puro Pirineo as recommended accommodation.



Benasque is in the Posets-Maladeta Natural Park, a unique natural environment to enjoy hiking. We are also affiliated with the Safe Mountain Campaign for the prevention of accidents in the natural environment.


If you feel like a good dose of adrenaline, you can go rafting on the Esera River. The activity runs along the “Pirámides” section and lasts approximately 2 hours. We assure you a lot of fun!



Another option to enjoy the rivers of the Benasque Valley is canyoning. The Aigüeta de Barbaruens ravine offers you a fun tour with slides, rappels and waterfalls.



Find the best deals for your stay at Evenia Monte Alba Hotel. You will find flash offers, specials, and even activity offers to make the most of your stay. Find your offer now to take advantage of the best price guaranteed during your holidays in Cerler.

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Evenia Monte Alba Reviews

These memories and reviews about Evenia Monte Alba are from guests who have stayed before you in our hotel and have contributed with their own personal opinion based on their experience.

Albert Moreno

Our third son, Andreu, was born on August 28, 2007. Since 2008 we have spent a few days at Monte Alba coinciding with his birthday. It is the most important unmissable event of the summer. We usually eat the cake with blueberries in the prairie of Llanos del Hospital. The hotel's entertainment staff, Elena and Arantxa, congratulate him every year with a happy birthday song at the bar. One year since we did not go to the evening soiree, they left him the birthday diploma at breakfast the next day and we were very excited. He loves the welcome cocktail (non-alcoholic), the contests and the magic potion night, although he has to have a soda because rum, he can't. The first years we participated in the magnificent free excursions organized by the hotel (Botanical route, the Boom waterfalls, Eriste, etc.) but over the time we have dared to other longer ones (Gorgutes, Salvaguarda, Lliterola...) that have allowed us to continue falling in love with the Benasque Valley. In short, our family relates the stay at Monte Alba with Andreu's birthday. For us, spending a few days surrounded by nature, good food and pleasant entertainment is the best birthday present. Andreu is and will always be one of the best ambassadors of Evenia Monte Alba.


I have been coming to ski for several years, but two years ago, I met a new receptionist, who was very nice, and since she was arriving for the first season, she was looking for a bit of reference, just like me, who was alone and looking for a contact to talk. And we got to know each other, talking about banalities at first, and as the days went by, we talked, as if we were discovering each other's life very discreetly. Every time I felt more as if I had had a meeting of those to be remembered, THE meeting... I cannot even say what feeling it had produced in me, but it was very pure and sincere. On the day of departure, I felt that the end of a wonderful adventure was approaching and I left. I remember I was listening to a Muse CD in the car, and the more I drove, the louder the sound got, like she was going to keep hearing me even after I left. I was ready to stop and go back to the hotel, as if my life were changing... And I told myself that next year I would meet her again, like every year with some of the staff. But last year, I didn't come back, the covid wanted it differently... A wonderful memory, like in a dream, in which you can't wait to fall asleep the next night to come back... And I tell myself that, even if my story is not preserved, I would have paid tribute to this person, whose first name I did not even remember, because it was really an unforgettable memory that marked me deeply.


My memory is not an important event in itself... my memory is EVERYTHING, from the first day when I enter the room with my children, the views, the tranquility, the food, the excursions, the rivers, the waterfalls, the air breeze... my memory of watching my children play on the football field covered with natural grass. My memory is one of my best vacations and one that I will never forget.


After an incredible day of skiing, and a delicious and abundant dinner, I just wanted to go to bed to rest until the next day. In the hall we saw the announcement that that night there was a quiz about music and we decided to go... we had a good time! The entertainer was great and the atmosphere that was created between groups of different guests, very funny! I will never forget that night, especially because we won and they invited us to a bottle of cava!


I remember that it was our first trip with my daughter, who had just learned to walk and we went to your hotel, and she had a great time with the entertainment at night, the night excursions, well and we enjoyed it as much or more than she did. We hope to come back soon.


A wonderful stay during the winter, the whole family together, enjoying skiing with the children, relaxing in the heated pool with snow around it and in the entertainment and animation in the Monte Alba hotel lounge in Cerler.


Meeting people from different parts of Spain, but what we remember the most is the familiar treatment of all its workers. We loved it that is why we have repeated several years.


We had some wonderful days of skiing, the hotel facilities were very comfortable, the dinner and breakfast services were very good, as well as the attention of all the staff, we will come back.

Josep Maria

The first memory I have of Evenia Monte Alba is from August 1, 1975, when we arrived at the hotel with my parents and siblings to spend the entire month of August. It was a great success to get there: the asphalt road ended when you reached the town of Cerler and then we had the doubt to continue along the unpaved road to see if we could find it: and we found it! I can tell you that it is a magical hotel, where I have been to spend every summer since then... and we have been 45 years. I was 15 the first time I went and now I am about to turn 61. The most beautiful thing is that first I went with my parents and siblings, then with my partner and wife, then with my children and now we go with the grandchildren: 4 generations without interruptions. Among the magical memories lived, I remember July 25, 1978, my 18th birthday. My father could not think of anything else than to travel that same day to the Hotel Monte Alba. No celebrations with my friends or anything else: traveling all day with the car (before the roads were not very good and it took us a long time to get there, eating on the way). I was very angry and I did not open my mouth throughout the trip or when we arrive at the Hotel for dinner. Then there was no buffet and it was served at the table. Everything changed when, a the desserts, the two waiters and the dining room staff bring a large cake with 18 candles: I was not expecting it. My parents prepared everything with the hotel staff. It was super emotional and it changed my perception of that day. Other and also magical memories: during the stay in August 1990, my eldest son learned to walk. Imagine that, at 11 months, he started walking on the lawn of our Hotel. We could not believe it. But the best thing is that 29 years later, his eldest son (my first grandson), also 11 months old, learns to walk on the lawn of the Hotel Monte Alba in August 2019. We do not have a second residence and we do not need it: our second home is Evenia Monte Alba.


Our first trip to the snow with swimsuits in the suitcase!!! We never imagined it, but it was the first time that we took our two-year-old daughter on a snow trip and dependent on the weather and with the services of Evenia Monte Alba, we packed a different suitcase to the rest of the trips we had made in all the winters of our life. Finally, Evenia Monte Alba and its people made us spend much more time with them than with the snow, who cares about the time!

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